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Green Living Fences

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Mori Green Living Fence IMG 00000642b IMG 00000631b IMG 00000431b


Green Living Fence instantly and cost-effectively adds privacy, security, and greenery to your space. Each galvanized steel-grid panel arrives covered with real ivy and is quick and easy to install.


Green Living Fence (GLF) and Hardware: 

4' wide x 4' tall GLF pre-grown with ivy: --Available Now-- $
4' x 6' GLF pre-grown with ivy: --Available Now-- $
4' x 8' GLF pre-grown with ivy: --Available Now-- $339 ea
Mounting Hardware for Sq. Posts and walls

Mounting Hardware for Round Posts

Materials shipped via common carrier on 4'x4' wood pallets.

Minimum order quantity: 8 screen sections = 1 full pallet  ( call with questions )

Have a project in mind? Contact us!



Endless Applications

Green Living Fences are more than just living fence!

  • Secure property boundaries
  • Privacy between homes, condominiums, and apartments
  • Greenery for gardens, balconies, and patios
  • Install into planter boxes
  • Appealing rest areas and shady picnic sites
  • Great way to deter graffiti
  • Backdrops for product displays and trade show exhibits
  • Psychologically-uplifting greenery for hospitals, office parks, hotels, downtowns, etc.
  • Reduce noise and air pollution along busy roadways, parking lots, and airports


System Benefits

  • Panel Dimensions (All panels 4' wide): 6’ tall standard, 4’ tall, and 8’ tall
  • Galvanized steel frame supports dense foliage (See picture album)
  • Durable steel frame guaranteed for 10 years
  • Panels arrive pre-vegetated, no waiting!
  • Ivy is low maintenance with foliage year-round
  • Foliage continues to become more dense over time
  • Custom mounting hardware available
  • Fast, easy installation for Do-It-Yourselfers (See Installation Guide)

Green Living Fence is available in North America pre-planted with Ivy - Hedera helix 'Woerner.'

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